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Welcome to the Center for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), Islamabad, Pakistan.

CRSS is Pakistan’s first think-tank of its kind founded by civil society activists, committed to the cause of independent research and nonpartisan analysis to help people in and outside Pakistan better understand this nation of 180 million.

We observe and analyze developments, discuss and disseminate ideas and provide a forum for technocrats, academics and members of civil society – within and outside of Pakistan – to suggest solutions and develop road-maps for Pakistan’s democratic and economic development.

We think, write and speak in order to encourage all segments of the Pakistani society including intelligentsia, academia and the government to join their strengths for a freer, more democratic and a tolerant Pakistan.

CRSS wants Pakistan and the region to be safe, secure and democratic. We yearn and strive for rule of law in Pakistan, a fundamentally essential pre-requisite for the country’s socio-political and economic progress.

We want a Pakistan where citizens could claim a complete array for their social rights from education to health, safety, civil liberties and freedoms. The Center aims to contribute in building a Pakistan where every citizen has the opportunity to progress as far as his or her talent can take him or her. We believe in, and promote good governance, rule of law, accountability, and independent judiciary – elements that are fundamental to the country’s political and economic progress.

The Center strongly stands for and advocates the democratic model of “separation of powers.”

We want the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary in Pakistan to recognize their limits and show favor to none. CRSS firmly believes in democracy and understands that only “more democracy” could resolve the problems of the Pakistani democracy.

We are strongly against any form of dictatorship. As democrats, we stand for an across-the-board and institutionalized accountability that favors none.

The Center is committed to creating a society informed and aware of rights and responsibilities.

We firmly believe that a democratic Pakistan is an achievable dream and CRSS, as part of the civil society, would continue to promote and strengthen democratic culture in Pakistan.

The Center looks forward to hearing from you for any form of improvement of the site or the mission. All the material on the site is for public consumption. However, it would be appreciated if CRSS is given due credit for the reproduction or quotation of any of its research papers or materials on the site.


  • Pakistan Conflict Tracker

    Pakistan Conflict Tracker
    (March 2014)

  • Publications

      Book_Title State, Religion and Democracy – A Comparative Perspective of Four Muslim Countries

        The book gives a comparative perspective of four Muslim countries namely; Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia and Pakistan on “State, Religion and Democracy”. The publication is part of the Dialogue Forum series titled: “State, Religion and Democracy” in 2013 launched by the Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS) as part of its democratic advocacy and …

      Victim Voice_s Victims’ Voices

      The publication ‘Victims’ Voices’ is a compilation of a dozen stories of people affected by various forms of violence. It includes those affected by suicide bombings, improvised explosive devices, aerial bombings or drone strikes inter alia. These case studies are based on reports gathered by the team of CRSS reporters from conflict ridden areas. CRSS …

  • Events and Activities

    • CRSS Seminar On FCR Must Be Abolished FCR-April-04

      An increasing number of F ATA residents are joining hands to demand the abolition of the FATA regulations as well as annulment or comprehensive amendment in the Article 247 of the constitution. Women participants of the consultation also demanded complete abolition of the FCR. “The FCR doesn’t even recognize the …

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