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    Pakistan Conflict Tracker
    (March 2014)

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      Victim Voice_s Victims’ Voices

      The publication ‘Victims’ Voices’ is a compilation of a dozen stories of people affected by various forms of violence. It includes those affected by suicide bombings, improvised explosive devices, aerial bombings or drone strikes inter alia. These case studies are based on reports gathered by the team of CRSS reporters from conflict ridden areas. CRSS …

      Pakistan Chalanges in Anti-Terror Legislation_s Pakistan’s Challenges in Anti-Terror Legislation

      This landmark document traces the history of Pakistan’s anti-terror legislation upto the Pakistan Protection Ordinance (October 2013). It encapsulates various steps – administrative as well as legal – taken to counter terrorism, particularly since August 1997, when the government first introduced the Anti-Terror Act 1997 to the context of growing sectarian violence, particularly in the …

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    • Consultative meeting with Bahawalpur Press Club 160414

      A consultative meeting with Bahawalpur Press Club on “Rule of Law – Significance of Independent Prosecution Service in Criminal Justice System and Role of Media” was held on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, at La Taska Hotel, Bahawalpur, as part of GIZ-CRSS-PPD advocacy campaign for the Support to the Punjab Prosecution …

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